We offer several ways in which you can work with  Dr. Tiffany, depending on your pet's needs.

The tiers can be found below.

We are only accepting new clients on a case-by-case basis. Please call or text our office at (719) 257-3728 to discuss booking an appointment. Current clients are encouraged to use our Online Booking service.

Integrative Medicine Assessment


This service is our most comprehensive appointment and is designed for the pet parent who wants a full assessment of how holistic care can better the life and health of their pet. A minimum of a full hour is dedicated to your pet's medical history review, diet assessment, and a blended Western/Eastern physical examination. Some things you can expect to observe or discuss during your first appointment include:​

Price: $153.00 for initial

Follow-ups start at $144.00 per hour with a 30 minute minimum

no new clients at this time

Physical Medicine


This service is designed for clients who wish to have physical medicine therapy  for their pet (acupuncture, cold laser therapy) without the comprehensive holistic and nutritional assessment. Some things you can expect to observe or discuss during your first appointment include:​

Price: $129.00 for initial

Follow-ups start at $72.00

Virtual Health


This is the most flexible and valuable service that we offer, with a more comprehensive, detailed, and supportive approach than you are probably used to. Dr. Tiffany Diab draws from her 300+ hours of post-doctorate certification and training as well as her 7 years of veterinary practice to assess your pet's past and current history. Also included is:


  • A full review of your pet's medical records (30-60 minutes)

  • A complete assessment of their current diet, supplements, and lifestyle (15-30 minutes)

  • Development of a protocol with up-to-date, evidence-based, and practical diet and supplemental recommendations (30 minutes)

  • Initial 30-60 minute video consultation with Dr. Diab to discuss protocol

  • Access to Standard Process products

  • Access to pharmaceutical-grade supplements thru Wellevate

  • Two 15-minute 1:1 coaching calls to be used at your discretion within the first 12 weeks of working with Dr. Diab (30 minutes)

Price: $260.00 (135-180 minutes)

Please email her directly to initiate a virtual health session.

Brief Holistic



A 15-minute phone consult concerning any holistic pet care topic you wish to discuss. This service does NOT include evaluation of any previous medical history or specific recommendations.

Price: $65.00

Book Online (select "Brief Teleconsultation")

no new clients at this time

TCVM Diet Formulation

Going beyond a generic homemade diet recipe for your dog or cat, a TCVM Diet Formulation crafts a recipe for your pet taking into account their breed, constitution, age, and medical history. Dr. Tiffany prides herself on creating easy-to-use recipes with everyday ingredients that don't break the bank. The report you will receive is concise and well-organized, taking the confusion out of home-making dog food for even the first-time novice.

Price: $100.00 (initial evaluation and 1st recipe)

Each additional recipe is $50.00

Please click HERE to request a diet formulation for your dog or cat

Dr. Tiffany rents out of a general practice located at:

    4720 Barnes Road, Colorado Springs 80917




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